It has always been a great turn on for me to let my girlfriends or wife screw around with other men. It is something that I have been aware of since my first serious date with a girl. Her name was Danni and I went out with her after she had finished with one of my pals. We started sleeping together after about a month. My parents were away and Danni had come around for the evening and we ended up having sex on my bed. It was over very quickly for me as it was my first time. I sensed that Danni wasn't satisfied and had to explain that I had been a virgin up until that moment. Eventually I got her to tell me about her previous lovers. She had started having sex when she was eighteen and had had six lovers before me. It was when she got around to telling me about my pal and what he and she did together that I realized that I was getting really turned on. Danni obviously noticed this too. She went into great detail about their sex together telling me how often he would do it to her, how he made her give him blow jobs in his car and how he had once even put it into her ass. Soon I was mounting Danni again. I took a little longer to come this time but it was still over pretty quickly. After this it would become a regular part of our sex life for Sue to tell me about her previous boyfriends. It was tremendously exciting for me.......

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