"So? Did you get it?" Julie asked her friend the minute she saw her getting off the bus. "No. I didn't dare take it. He woulda missed it and ask me what I did with it." the blonde girl answered as they walked into the school together. "But I did look at it." "Kim! You were supposed to wait so we could see it together." "We still can, next time you come over." Kim said, "But you might not like it." "Why? Is it totally gross or something?" Julie turned in front of her friend, blocking her way. "What was on it?" "Not here." Kim tipped her head at the other kids walking past or milling around them. "I'll tell you later. Maybe at lunch. But we better get going or we're gonna be late." The two co-eds did not get another chance to talk about Kim's brother's dirty movie on tape until after school. Whispering in the back of the bus, Kim explained what was wrong with the videotape she discovered hidden in her brother's dresser. "There are no men in it!" "What? It wasn't a sex movie?" Julie was crushed. "It is, only there are only women in it." She clamped a hand over the brunette's mouth to keep her friend from blurting it out loud. "It's all these lezzies!" "Eew! That's sick." "I guess, but they seemed to like it." Kim did not want to let on that she liked what she saw. It didn't matter to her if her companion wanted to see it anymore, the blonde co-ed intended to view it all the very next time she was home alone. There was no doubt in her mind that she would be masturbating while did...

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